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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) supports Türkiye’s sustainable development efforts for more than 50 years. UNDP aims to find practical and innovative solutions to Türkiye’s development challenges and manages projects together with the Government and other partners to address them. UNDP works in close partnership with numerous national and international institutions, including NGOs, academics and the business community.

UNDP Türkiye, works to help people live better, decent lives and protect our planet; aims to support the least advantaged and leave no one behind, and supports Türkiye’s efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Following the devastating February 2023 earthquakes in Türkiye, UNDP has engaged in the response from the first days, with a focus on measures that contribute as quickly as possible to the region’s recovery and a return to normal life for its people.

UNDP is well positioned to provide support to this effort, drawing on its decades-long presence in Türkiye and its wealth of global experience in helping countries rebuild after earthquake disasters.

UNDP assisted the Government in preparing the Türkiye Earthquakes Recovery and Reconstruction Assessment (TERRA), a post-disaster needs assessment that estimated the damages and losses caused by the earthquakes at US$103.6 billion. The TERRA mapped out a set of principles and priorities for recovery that have shaped UNDP’s contribution to the earthquake response.

UNDP’s recovery activities are concentrated in four priority areas:

  • Restoring care services for vulnerable groups
  • Improving management of waste and earthquake debris
  • Restoring livelihoods and reviving business activity
  • Protecting endangered cultural heritage

Protecting and restoring the region’s cultural heritage is one of UNDP’s top priorities in the earthquake response. UNDP is using its own funding to help local partners protect damaged and endangered artifacts so that they can be safeguarded for future restoration. This included sending an emergency shipment of containers and advanced preservation equipment and now using an established field presence to harness the private sector for cultural heritage and community dialogue.

In assisting the people and the Government of Türkiye in meeting these vast needs, UNDP has launched a global fundraising campaign to support the restoration of cultural heritage destroyed or damaged in the earthquakes.

For more on UNDP Türkiye please visit: tr.undp.org

For your inquiries on UNDP Türkiye’s crowdfunding campaign please send an email to savethelegacy.tr@undp.org