Intangible Cultural Heritage


The invaluable heritage in the provinces affected by the earthquakes is not only housed in sites but in the traditions passed down from generation to the next. The people in the region have benefitted from centuries of cultural cross-fertilization that has led to a large corpus of knowledge, customs, and crafts. Artisans have preserved traditional methods, such as highly-ornate copper and mother of pearl production. Donations will contribute to programming that helps local artisans continue to produce unique goods, including wool carpets, striped kuntu fabric, hand-made leather shoes, and much more. Any exclusion of these key livelihoods would leave an irreversible void.

The region also has deep and diverse culinary traditions, which represent its rich ethno-religious patchwork. Specialty agricultural production, such as apricots from Malatya or fiery peppers from Samandağ, are essential to homegrown livelihoods and key to global food consumption. Local specialties, such as the sweet cheese pastry künefe, baklava, homemade oruk, the spicy pepper and walnut dip muhammara and much more are points of cultural pride and sources of income for inhabitants.

The crowdfunding campaign will support the restoration of livelihoods that depend on intangible cultural heritage.